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Benevolence, Trucker Style, Chapter Two!



January 2015:  Little two-year old Ethan is one tough cookie. This adorable boy has endured four, count them FOUR heart surgeries. His parents having to travel over 100 miles each way to Portland, Maine, as you can imagine were tapped out. A member reached out to us and we raised over $800 to help with expenses to take their minds off finances and focus on Ethan's surgery and recovery.


Update: As of this writing, November, 2015, little Ethan is doing wonderful! He pulled through the surgery like a champ, and continues to thrive without any further heart trouble.





June 2015:  One of our trucker children, Lexi Wade of Rockport, TX was bullied so bad as a sophomore, she failed that year. She became acutely depressed, and we feared what could possibly be next.


So, we banned together, shared our stories of being bullied and bought Lexi an ipad mini, so that she may take some summer classes and she did start learning the saxophone using her ipad.


As of this writing (11/15), Lexi has moved to Florida, and is adjusting well, has adapted, and smiles every day now.


Great job Lexi! We are proud of your tough trucker child spirit!

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